Sell properties faster and more efficient - and win additional business.
List your properties to specific buyers with the proper budget, and only speak to pre-approved buyers. But it gets even better: you can also win additional business with propera.
Lead generation
Buyer database
Targeted listings
Privacy and discretion
Publish listings only for buyers that are registered and approved
Some home sellers don’t want the world to know that their property is on sale and the price shall be hidden from curious neighbours. Interested buyers who actually can afford this property should access more details. With propera, only pre-registered users can find hidden properties. The more data we collect from them, the more they can see. Or you can unlock more details for specific viewers - your choice.
Exclusive listings
Market high quality property appropriately to the right buyer. Propera allows you to market exclusively to registered and verified buyers. Find the right buyers faster and more efficiently with propera.
Additional sales contract
Win additional sales contracts with propera. Homeowners can enter details about their property for sale and have agents contact them. You can customize and personalize your broker profile.
  • Keep sensitive properties away from the public
You decide who sees the property and what details. This way, only suitable buyers see your listing, which enables a discreet and private sale.
  • See who interacts and is interested in your property
You see who has viewed your listing and is an interested potential buyer. Chat with your potential buyers in app. Know who views your property and act proactively instead of waiting for your email inbox to fill up.
  • Connect your CRM with propera and import your listings
We made an easy integration with supported CRMs so you can manage your listings in your favourite tool, upload them to propera. No redundancy, no copy-pasting.
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