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Selling your home
Our mission at propera is to make the selling process as smooth and efficient as possible for all parties involved.
Selling a home is a big decision. It requires careful consideration.
Selling your home is an important decision that most people take only once or twice in a lifetime, so it needs to be carefully considered. Assess your financial situation and personal circumstances, consider the state of the real estate market in your area, and prepare your home for sale. With careful preparation, selling your home can be a successful and rewarding experience.
How can I list my property on Propera?
We understand that some sellers prefer to list real estate directly. Also, real estate transactions can be complicated and require a lot of experience. Therefore, we believe that working with a professional agent is the best way to a successful sale. That's why we can't post real estate listings for private sellers. By working with an agent, private sellers can gain his experience, connections and marketing tools.
You are an agent?
We work hand in hand with professional real estate agents.
What are the benefits?
Should you work with a professional real estate agent?
There are several options for selling your home: hire a realtor, work with a fixed-fee broker, or sell it yourself. Can you save money on broker fees? We, like other experts, don't recommend it. And the reasons are good. Selling on your own, a lot can go wrong: determining the sales price, drafting the contract, but above all the sales process itself. For most of us, selling a property is the biggest financial transaction of our lives, worth hundreds of thousands of francs or more. With the help of a real estate agent, you actually save money. A reputable agent costs two to three percent of the sale price or less. It's a great option.
See what local agents think your home is worth
Arrange for local estate agents to value your home for free. Enter the details of your property and select the brokers who will perform the valuation. No strings attached.
Advantages working with a professional broker
Realistic Valuation
Thanks to the time and skill spent, agent notices the advantages and special characteristics of the property that you may not have considered. The agent knows regional real estate trends, which makes the valuation more accurate.
Negotiating the sale
An agent can help you negotiate with potential buyers in such a way that both seller and buyer are ultimately happy with the sale price.
Advisory function
It's easy for an agent to evaluate the feasibility of renovations before the sale to positively influence the price. He also takes care of communicating with notaries and authorities.
Dossier preparation
The agent helps you prepare a strong dossier for the sale with good photos, floor plans of the property, extracts from the land registry, descriptions of the neighborhood and relevant infrastructure. Did you think it was mandatory to be present in a dossier for sale? Together you’ll find potential clients.
Determine the sales channel
A wide audience doesn't always mean a better return on the sale. The agent is on your side. The right sales channel can greatly speed up the sales process. What's more, because of his experience in real estate, the agent has already created a large network of potential buyers.
Saving time on viewings
Dealing with listings, phone calls, meetings with interested parties or viewings: These tasks do not require much technical knowledge, but require a lot of effort and time.
Find a suitable agent
Propera has an ever-growing directory of expert local estate agents which you can search by name, area, certifications as well as agents’ specialities to give you a comprehensive view to find the most suitable agent.
Our service
Are you planning to sell your home? We help you to find a suitable agent in your area. On propera you can also find real estate agents who will provide a reliable estimate for your property. Everything for free.
Find an agent
The real estate agents on our list have extensive experience in local areas and the skills to set the right price for a property and negotiate between buyer and seller.
How much is my home worth?
Book local agents to value your home. You get the most accurate valuation based on your unique property features, their in-depth knowledge of the area and the latest changes in the local market.
You are an agent?
We work hand in hand with professional real estate agents. Find out what propera has to offer you. With us, you will discover a powerful arsenal of tools and knowledge for your real estate business.